A Level Mindset Student Workbook (Pack of 25)

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ISBN: 9781785830792
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Ideally suited for A level class teachers, and heads of sixth forms or colleges, who want their classes to benefit from the A level mindset and are using 'The A Level Mindset'. Successful students approach their studies with the right behaviours, skills and attitudes: they understand how to learn and revise effectively, they're determined and organised, they give more discretionary effort and they get top results. Success at A level is a result of character, not intelligence. The 'A Level Mindset Student Workbook' offers students a structured way to work through the 40 activities in 'The A Level Mindset'. It coaches students to develop the key characteristics which will help them be successful at A level: vision, effort, systems, practice and attitude. With space for students to record and reflect on their answers, along with plenty of advice for improvement and self-development, the student workbook is an essential tool to help students with their time management, commitment, motivation and study habits which will ultimately help them achieve.

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Pub Date 2016-03
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