Accelerate Pupil Progress with Metacognition: Proven strategies to enhance learning capacity

ISBN: 9781907927454
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Using Accelerate Pupil Progress with Metacognition will enable your teaching staff to:

understand what is meant by metacognitive and self-regulation skills and why they are so valuable for developing learners
build in strategies for improving pupils’ ability to set goals, monitor performance and evaluate outcomes
develop strategies for improving pupils’ motivation and ability to learn independently
try out different approaches and find what works for their pupils.

Accelerate Pupil Progress contains 5 practical sessions including tasks to stimulate thinking and opportunities for self-assessment against learning objectives. The resources develop understanding of how to use metacognitive approaches to accelerate pupil progress as part of everyday practice with ‘follow up’ activities to prepare for the next session.

Accelerate progress and raise attainment
Increase pupil engagement through independent learning
Foster effective problem solvers
Embed a metacognitive approach that enhances all areas of the school
Training session breakdown
Training Session 1 – What do we know about accelerating pupil progress with metacognition?
Learning outcomes:

understand what is meant by metacognition
identify the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches to metacognition
able to make decisions about the organisation's objectives in terms of accelerating pupil progress with metacognition, and how to achieve them.
Training Session 2 – What are the benefits of using metacognition for accelerating pupil progress?
Learning outcomes:

understand the benefits of metacognition
identify metacognitive knowledge and skills
explain the link between how pupils think and their attainment
evaluate where we currently are in terms of accelerating pupil progress with metacognition.
Training Session 3 – How can we develop metacognition in our school?
Learning outcomes:

able to collate findings from a group audit of current practice
identify areas of good practice
justify areas of good practice in terms of metacognitive knowledge and skills
identify tools to offer pupils for developing metacognitive knowledge and skills, and know how to teach pupils how to use them.
Training Session 4 – What were our experiences of using tools for developing metacognition with our pupils, and how can we go beyond planning and refining?
Learning outcomes:

understand how to apply tools for developing metacognition with pupils
facilitate a metacognitive discussion
evaluate a discussion so they know what they are listening and looking out for, and what to do with it.
Training Session 5 – What have we developed so far, and how can we embed a metacognitive approach to accelerating pupil progress across our school?
Learning outcomes:

understand the value of making connections between thinking in school and thinking in other contexts
evaluate how we have developed metacognitive practice so far
create opportunities for embedding a metacognitive approach to accelerating pupil progress across our school.

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