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Product description

This eBook will enable you to:

identify the risks and issues that may arise
know different peoples roles when it comes to maintaining safe and appropriate online behaviour
develop a robust acceptable use policy for staff and community
cover relevant areas in staff training
take appropriate action if things go wrong.
Summary of contents
This guide will show you how to:

understand potential risks presented by staff and community use of social media
know who is responsible for what in this area
develop a robust acceptable use policy
ensure that staff training covers all necessary bases
know what to do if things go wrong.
This guide includes:

an exemplar acceptable use policy
a checklist for using social media tools in educational settings
a list of questions for staff to consider
exemplar letters to share with staff and community if things go wrong.
Chapter breakdown
Section 1: What do we mean by social media and what are the issues?
Understand what is meant by social media tools and think through the benefits and risks that they can bring to your school community.

This section will equip you with:

essential understanding of what you need to think about with regard to the use of social media
Section 2: Who is responsible?
An overview of the different roles and responsibilities for social media use within the school community.

This section will run through the responsibilities of each of the following people and what they need to do:

headteacher and leadership team
governing body
designated e-safety coordinator
parents and carers.
Section 3: Creating a social media policy
An overview of what you should consider including in your social media and acceptable use policies and how they dovetail with other school policies.

This section will enable you to:

know what areas you should consider including in a social media policy
link your policy with other relevant policies
ensure everyone is familiar with and understands the policy
understand that the policy will need to be reviewed regularly
Section 4: Working with staff
An overview of what elements should be included in staff training.

This section will enable you to:

understand the importance of regular whole-staff training
know what areas should be included in training
recognise how to avoid some common pitfalls.
Section 5: What to do if things go wrong
An overview of what action to take in the event of an incident occurring.

This section will enable you to:

know how to gather evidence and establish pertinent facts
ascertain whether or not you need to involve other agencies
manage incidents of cyberbullying
communicate effectively with parents and carers.

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