Aspire, Broaden Your Horizon (holistic guidance pack)

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ISBN: 9786000027841
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Includes a pack of 60 picture cards/ with future possibilities.
Includes a training and guidance pack following the mentoring IGROW model to include questions for solution focused discussions.

• Allows young people to go deeper to look at what really matters to them.
• This can help identify key priorities and understand what is holding them back.
• Questions and based on the IGROW model can help empower young people to find solutions for themselves to overcome obstacles.
• Helps open and expand minds and consider more possibilities for their future which broadens horizons.
• Encourages vision, goal setting and action planning.
• Enables young people to find a sense of meaning and purpose to their life and understand what motivates them.
• Helps behavior change as can help inspire positive outlook and helps to focus young people.

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Pub Date 2020-03
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