Aspire: Full Guidance Pack, Preparing for change

ISBN: 9786000028817
Product description

Interactive and easily engaging card packs.

Focuses on visual goal setting and preparing for change by raising self -awareness around managing emotions, healthy communication and empowerment by understanding progress and taking actions towards self-development.

Developed by careers professionals and holistic guidance practitioners in line with our ASPIRE impact assessment for growth.

Helps your school to fulfill Gatsby Benchmarks 1, 2, and 8. Can add value to your careers and PHSE programme to help empower young people by taking responsibility for their own change alongside their future vision. This can complement careers and pastural guidance in your school so interactions become more meaningful and effective and can help, raise aspirations and aid transition.

Aimed at yr 7’s onwards

Each pack contains:

  • Three Packs: Empowering Me (healthy communication cards, understanding emotions cards), My Horizon’ cards and My actions cards (in line with our Aspire categories for measuring growth and impact)
  • PDF ‘eye catching’ handouts that can be used alongside the cards for group sessions.
  • Lesson plans for how to use in a group and 1-1 sessions in different ways. (the number of packs needed as a minimum is half the class number in order to work in pairs but these can be used many times with different classes and year groups)
  • Provides ‘in depth’ guidance in a fun, interactive and easily accessible format.

Will help young people to:

  • Identify their emotions and communication styles enabling young people to change to more empowering patterns of behavior.
  • Gain insightful self – discovery and self-awareness that is required for impactful guidance and encourages them to take ownership of the process.
  • Understand where they are on our ASPIRE impact assessment allowing them to pick actions and changes they want to work on based on Attitude/Self-awareness/Information/Purpose/resilience and empowerment.
  • Feel more empowered and prepared for change.
  • Identify what really matters to them in the next 6 months or 12 months.
  • Identify what they want their life to include within a timeframe.
  • Feel more motivated to make changes in their life by identifying the aspects of the future they want and the actions they need to take to get there.
  • Broaden their horizons, make the most of opportunities, raise their aspirations and build resilience.


For teachers:

  • Powerful and impactful tool for any teacher / careers adviser/ TA /Mentor sto delivery high quality guidance which is meaningful to individuals.
  • Can add value to PHSE and careers education programmes.
  • Packs can be used in a group setting in class, on a 1-1 basis or small groups. They can encourage team working or working in pairs to identify each other’s qualities.
  • This comes with guidance sheet, additional activities worksheet of how to use the resources.

These easy pick up card packs makes it easy for any educator, key worker or parent to help deliver quality, engaging guidance activities. It can be accessible in the classrooms as part of PHSE group sessions and built into the careers programme for schools/ colleges. They can be used in libraries or learning hubs to encourage independent learning when required.

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Pub Date 2021-03
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