Aspire: Full careers guidance pack, Exploring Options

ISBN: 9786000028831
Product description

Interactive and easily engaging card packs.

Focuses on exploring a range of options and different factors that impact on career decisions. Improving understanding, of options combined with self-awareness to make better decisions when choosing a career.

Developed by careers professionals

Helps your school to fulfill Gatsby Benchmarks 1, 2, 3 and 8. Can add value to your careers programme and help improve personal guidance in your school so guidance interviews become more meaningful, effective and therefore provide a more efficient use of time.

Aimed at yr 7’s onwards

Each pack contains:

• Four packs: Skills cards, (divided into 5 colour coded skills categories) Job sector cards, work choices cards, pathways cards.
• PDF ‘eye catching’ handouts that can be used alongside the cards for group sessions.
• Lesson plans for how to use in a group and 1-1 sessions in different ways. (the number of packs needed as a minimum is half the class number in order to work in pairs but these can be used many times with different classes and year groups)
• Provides ‘in depth’ careers guidance in a fun, interactive and easily accessible format.

Young people will be able to:

• Find out their top career preferences by exploring a variety of options and pathways that impact on their career choice.
• Identify what job sectors, preferences of work they prefer.
• Find out what their super strengths and skills for development are and how these- match to their preferences and job sector choices.
• Understand what factors can help when making decisions about future jobs.
• Understand the post 16 pathways available to them and which ones are most suited to them.
• Developing vocational, self-awareness to aid decisions about future career preferences.
• Make empowering and aspirational choices based on their future career pathway making informed decisions that are right for them by increasing their vocational and self-awareness.

These easy pick up card packs makes it easy for any educator, key worker or parent to help deliver quality, engaging career activities. It can be accessible in the classrooms as part of PHSE group sessions and built into the careers programme for schools/ colleges. They can be used in libraries or learning hubs to encourage independent learning when required. They are tools to help young people navigate what can be an overwhelming process by breaking this down into a step-by-step process.

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