Aspire, Job Families Interactive Career Game

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ISBN: 9786000027858
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Coming July 2020

To include:
One pack of 48 cards that has 12 jobs matched to:
• skills/qualities
• facts about the job
• salary
• qualifications.

The aim of the game is to get a matching set to include: vocational area, job, salary and qualification level, (a bit like happy families only for careers)
This can be used as a game or in many different ways for a quiz or group session in class to raise awareness of labour market information, what is available and the pathways needed to get there.

This can help young people to:
? Raise their vocational awareness
? Improve knowledge of labour market information
? Understand the different pathways and qualifications.
? Open their mind and understand different possibilities.
This can help teachers to:
- Provide high quality careers guidance on Labour market information in a fun interactive way.
- Help schools to meet the Gatsby benchmarks and statutory requirement for delivering careers guidance that is independent.

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Pub Date 2020-07
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