Aspire, Skills and Qualities Pack

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Each pack includes:
• one pack of 60 skills divided into five colourcoded skills categories
• one pack of 45 qualities cards
• instructions of how they can be used in different ways
• PDF hand out to be used as part of the lesson/1-1 session
• lesson plan.

How it helps young people to:
• Better understand themselves. Gain more self-awareness.
• Build confidence, self -esteem by recognizing the skills and qualities they have and provide examples.
• Develop career planning by understanding the types of careers they would be best suited to.
• Produce personal profiles, personal statements, complete applications and write CV’s and prepare for interviews.
• To scale skills in order of competence and preference identifying skills requiring development or skills gaps that need addressing.
• Become aware of their own strengths and when they are using different skills in everyday life.
• Acknowledge their own and others strengths, especially when identifying other partner’s qualities.
• Accept the differences of others and the value of having different skills and qualities.
• Feel better prepared for when they leave school and when having a careers guidance interview.
• Gain insight in an easy engaging format.
• Understand the concept of transferable skills.

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