British Qualifications 2020

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ISBN: 9780749497408
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Now in its 50th edition, British Qualifications 2020 is the definitive one-volume guide to every recognized qualification on offer in the United Kingdom. With an equal focus on both academic and professional vocational studies, this indispensable guide has full details of all institutions and organisations involved in the provision of further and higher education, making it the essential reference source for careers advisers, students, and employers. It also contains a comprehensive and up-to-date description of the structure of further and higher education in the UK, including an explanation of the most recent education reforms, providing essential context for the qualifications listed.

British Qualifications 2020 is compiled and checked annually to ensure the highest currency and accuracy of this valuable information. Containing details on the professional vocational qualifications available from more than 350 professional institutions and accrediting bodies, informative entries for all UK academic universities and colleges, and a full description of the current structural and legislative framework of academic and vocational education, it is the complete reference for lifelong learning and continuing professional development in the UK.

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Pub Date 2019 11
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