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Building Evidence through SEN Case Studies is an update of the popular title, Demonstrate Progress with SEN Case Studies. This update reflects the changes brought by the SEND Code of Practice and the removal of national curriculum levels.

With advice on every stage of the case study process, from identifying what you want to evaluate to conducting an interview with the inspector, this eBook provides an invaluable guide to evidencing the impact of your SEN programme.

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Building Evidence through SEN Case Studies: Tools for self-evaluation and school improvement will enable you to:

be confident in identifying appropriate case study material
demonstrate the positive impact of your work with SEN pupils
consider alternative sources of progress data to national curriculum levels
adapt case study templates from a range of schools to use with your own pupils
prepare for likely questions from inspectors.
Summary of contents
This resource will show you how to:

decide what you want the inspector to know about
know what information it is appropriate to include
select a range of evidence to demonstrate progress
choose the best format in which to present the case study.
This resource includes:

action questions at the end of every section for use with your team
examples of case studies demonstrating different types of progress
examples of case studies from different types of schools
a checklist of what you need in place prior to an inspection.
Chapter breakdown
Key question: How do SEN and vulnerable children case studies support SEN progress evidence and contribute to school improvement? What is their place in Ofsted inspections?

Section 1: Identifying what you want to evaluate
Key question: How will case studies help to demonstrate the effectiveness of SEND provision in my school?

This section tells you:

what Ofsted are likely to be focusing on
the implications of RAISEonline information and school data for inspections
which types of case study best demonstrate the work the school is doing.
Section 2: Knowing what to include
Key question: How do I write a case study?

This section tells you about:

different types of case studies for showing different aspects of the school’s work
who/what to make the focus of case studies
what evidence should be included in case studies
how to evaluate and demonstrate the impact of interventions
some ideas about different formats for case studies and the level of detail that is needed.
Section 3: Demonstrating progress of SEN pupils in life after levels through case studies
Key question: What progress measures can we use in case studies once there are no national curriculum levels?

This section:

shares with you the latest insights into measuring the progress of SEN pupils in the context of a new national curriculum and the removal of NC levels
provides you with some methodologies for tracking progress of SEN pupils.
Section 4: Case studies that work
Key question: What does a successful case study look like? How do you know if it was successful?

This section:

tells you where to look for successful case studies
outlines some examples of good practice.
Section 5: How to manage the interview with the inspector
Key question: How do I prepare for the Ofsted interview?

This section tells you:

what to do in advance of an inspection
what to have at the ready to show and talk about
why it is important to have lots of positive examples at the ready
why it is important to anticipate the likely questions
why it is important to know pupils well and be prepared to discuss any aspect of your work
the likely impact on other members of school community.
Contains 15 templates, illustrating a range of special needs provision in different kinds of schools and organisations.

Contains five appendices, including national transition matrices and a checklist of evidence to prepare for an inspection.

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