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Career Horizons 3: 16-19 YR OLDS PDF

ISBN: 9786000022532
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Pub Date2014-10
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Career Horizons comprises three volumes of lessons and activities to support careers learning at Key Stages 3, 4 and for students in Post-16 settings. The ready-made lessons are progressive and cover learning outcomes for all students in:

• Self-awareness: understanding personal strengths, likes and dislikes, and how to make informed choices.
• Learning about careers and the world of work: including how to use Labour Market Information
• Developing career management and employability skills

Each volume in the series includes; 15 printable lesson plans, accompanying student resources, and ideas for extension tasks. There are also five bonus stand-alone activities. The lesson plans are flexible, enabling you to slot them easily into your careers education programme. Lessons promote student participation and require minimal preparation. You can print out the student worksheets or display the pdfs on a whiteboard. The lessons do not rely on using the internet for extra research or other activities. The teaching pack includes comprehensive ‘Teachers’ Notes’ for each session, facilitating delivery by non-specialist teachers and tutors.

Careers Horizons 1 is for students in Key Stage 3. The lessons will help students to: build self-awareness; develop careers research skills; and hone planning and decision-making skills as they prepare for Key Stage 4

Career Horizons 2 is for students in Key Stage 4. The lessons will help students to: explore Post-16 opportunities; investigate work environments; and discover sources of help and support. They will learn how to make applications and handle selection processes as they prepare to move on from Key Stage 4

Career Horizons 3 is for learners aged 16-19 in Sixth Forms or Colleges. The sessions will help learners to: review goals and plans; identify, research and evaluate opportunities; make decisions, plans and applications; and prepare for work or higher-level studies.

Supplied as a printable PDF

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