Careers Advice Guide - Book 8 - Law Enforcement, Armed Forces, Public Protection & Security PDF

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With numerous job profiles, this book provides useful information about what is involved working in a range of careers as well as what courses and qualifications are required in the Armed Forces: British Army; Royal Air Force; Royal Navy; law enforcement: public protection, including immigration officer; firefighter; police officer; prison officer; law enforcement: security; and national security GCHQ; MI5; MI6 sectors. Also included is information on additional careers which require a higher education qualification or a lower level qualification, helping to generate a range of career options; as well as useful information about applying for higher education courses, where to look for job vacancies and where to find further information. An essential guide for young people and adults; school and college students; undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students in higher education, who are considering career and education options; or for careers advisers and careers teachers who want a useful careers information resource.

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Pub Date 2019-02
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