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Creative and Philosophical Thinking in Primary Schools is a practical resource that aims to stimulate ideas for developing creative thinking and philosophical thinking in children in the classroom. It concentrates on building self confidence in children through creative thinking activities, and explains the theory behind it.

This publication will help you develop:

playful and experimental thinking outside the box
the ability of your children to pose questions that are important to them and create answers that are reasoned and reasonable
children’s awareness and appreciation of themselves and others as ‘knowledge creators’
children’s confidence and ability to challenge their own thinking and the status quo
children’s ability to create options for themselves within constraints and to be open to opportunities
children’s learning to discover themselves
a teacher’s researching to understand and improve their own practice.
Summary of contents
The systematic approach known as Thinking Actively in a Social Context (TASC) is used, which involves the individual asking:

What do I know about this?
What is the task?
How many ideas can I think of?
What is the best idea?
Let’s do it!
How well did I do it?
Let’s tell someone!
What have I learned?
Part one describes the authors evolving ideas and practices of creative and philosophical thinking.

Part two gives details about why these are seen as important, how to get going and suggests some ideas on how you might want to develop these practices further.

We have an educational responsibility to enable our pupils to learn how to recognise the people they are and want to be, to grow in their understanding of a world worth living in and how they might contribute by learning to live their lives as well as they can. Creative and Philosophical Thinking can help you do just that. The authors describe something of the culture, attitudes, skills and understanding they are trying to develop with their pupils, as well as sharing some of the moments, activities and ideas that they can identify as having worked for them.

Whether this exciting new book challenges or affirms your own practice and theories, we are confident that it will provoke new ideas and offer you something to experiment with.
This books aims to engage you in creative and philosophical thinking. To embolden you and stimulate your imagination to go beyond its pages into your classrooms and lives, to research your own practice, create your own living educational theory and share your ideas with others so we can all progress.

Help your children grow with a love of learning, to delight in engaging in the learning process to acquire new knowledge, to develop wisdom and to give themselves permission to have fun and play cognitively. Creative and Philosophical Thinking will show you how.

Chapter breakdown
Part 1The Background
1. Introduction
2. Creative and Philosophical Thinking and their Evolution in our Practice
Part 2 Developing Children’s Thinking with a Purpose
3. Encouraging Playful and Experimental Thinking Outside the Box
4. Developing the Ability of Children to Pose Questions that are Important to them and to Create Answers
5. Developing Children’s Awareness and Appreciation of themselves and Others as Knowledge Creators
6. Children Developing the Confidence and Ability to Challenge their own Thinking and the Status Quo
7. Being Able to Create Opportunities within Constraints, Creating and Being Open to Opportunities
Part 3 And Then…?
8. Children Researching their World to Create New Knowledge
9. Children Researching Themselves
10. Teachers, Developing your own Story
11. Where We Are and What We Have Learned
Part 4 Bibliography and Resources

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