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Take the hard work out of collecting student data with this digital action plan. We will add your school logo and colours as standard and design the content to be as extensive or as simple as you want. This resource can be used for you to collect data on options choices, post 16 plans or for use in your own guidance interviews. The completed content is sent to an email of your choosing as a pdf and students can receive a copy of their own plan which they can return to, edit and re-submit. Receive a spreadsheet of all the data so you can plan your interviews or interventions and share with colleagues. You can embed the plan to your VLE via a direct html link. Our action plan content can include: carer ideas, industry sectors of interest, key skills, hobbies, career values, favourite subjects, A level or GCSE choices, destination plans post 16 and more. See visual reports of live data as the plans are completed. If you wish to purchase more than one action plan to collect different data, please contact us for discounted pricing option.

Purchased as an annual site licence and a free trial is available.

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