Effective Lesson Planning: Making every lesson count towards pupil achievement

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This practical course develops teachers’ understanding of learning theory and links this to the key components of planning a lesson well, including being clear about what a successful learning objective looks like and how to use success criteria. Teachers who take this course will be able to match expected learning outcomes to the needs and abilities of their pupils, making a key contribution to the school’s effective differentiation.

People who take this course will be able to:

Structure lessons in ways that support pupils’ learning by knowing the neuroscience behind learning
Write clear and successful learning objectives rooted in the learning, not the activity
Produce teaching that meets the needs of all learners, ensuring that both the learning and the activity are differentiated
Use success criteria to underpin learning and shape them to support learning and challenge
Enable effective assessment that is driven by being clear about the learning through understanding of the learning theory
Develop suitable learning challenges using strategies that support learning, such as effective questioning and lesson summaries.

Summary of contents
Effective Lesson Planning consists of 4 training sessions focused on the key knowledge needed to understand learning and how to use this to produce effective plans that meet the needs of all pupils.

Create successful learning objectives
Differentiate the learning objectives and the activity
Use success criteria to support learning and differentiation
Use effective planning to run lessons that support learning
Session Breakdown
Session 1 - Good learning and what makes for a good learning objective
Learning Outcomes:

See how effective planning leads to effective teaching
Understand the centrality of learning to the teaching process
Understand something of the neurological process of learning
Know how to set a detailed and appropriate learning objective
Know how you can use key vocabulary to support the learning
Identify some non-negotiables of lesson planning
Session 2 - Differentiation
Learning Outcomes:

Understand the need to differentiate the learning outcomes as well as the activity
Understand how to differentiate the learning objective to challenge all pupils’ thinking
Understand how to ensure the work meets the needs of the learners
Have a method for differentiation that can be applied when planning lessons
Session 3 – Success Criteria
Learning Outcomes:

Understand how to shape success criteria to underpin and support the planned learning
Understand the difference between learning outcomes and steps to success
Know how to use the ‘road map’ principle for successful criteria
Know how success criteria support the differentiation in the lesson
Understand where success criteria fit in the assessment tools available for a lesson
Session 4 – Putting it together
Learning Outcomes:

Understand how to ask effective questions
Understand the importance of a lesson summary (plenary) to anchor the lesson
See how the elements of effective planning fit around a well-structured lesson
Appreciate the difference between lesson pace and speed
Be aware of the importance of your input before pupils’ expected output
Session 5 – Effective lesson planning – review and next steps
Learning Outcomes:

Revisit the key points of the four training sessions about effective lesson planning
Reflect on how your practice has changed as a result
Identify future training needs and opportunities to share good practice
See the training in the context of the school’s development plan and self-evaluation

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