Effective Use of Pupil Voice: Improve learning through engaging pupil feedback

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Effective Use of Pupil Voice will enable you to:

actively and proactively listen to pupils views as a mechanism for self-evaluation and improvement
meet pupils’ needs more closely using feedback from pupil observers
increase pupils’ motivation and engagement in learning by making them feel they are in genuine partnership with the school
enable dialogue with pupils that enhances their experience of teaching and learning
improve achievement and attainment through pupils’ increased sense of responsibility
develop skills of cooperation and communication that enable pupils to participate as active members of a democratic society
teach pupils how to reflect on and evaluate their experiences and give useful feedback.

Summary of contents
Effective Use of Pupil Voice includes three sessions that will equip you to roll out the use of pupil voice in your school, with a particular focus on improving teaching and learning. Each training session is based around a PowerPoint presentation and includes numerous exercises and activities, many of which use video clips as resource material.

Improve pupil engagement, learning, self-esteem and behaviour
Use pupil voice as a mechanism for improving teaching and learning
Develop pupils’ social, communication and critical thinking skills
Raise attainment through increased pupil motivation and responsibility
Training session breakdown
Training Session 1 – Overview for senior leaders
Learning outcomes:

explore anticipated benefits of using pupil voice to improve teaching and learning
evaluate a range of exemplar strategies that could be used to develop the role of pupils in contributing to the improvement of teaching and learning
identify potential difficulties and discuss strategies for managing staff and pupil expectations
identify the ways forward in implementation in your own school.
Training Session 2 – Introduction for staff
Learning outcomes:

understand the imperative and anticipated benefits of using pupil voice as a vehicle for improving teaching and learning
explore differing responses and preferred approach to involvement
collaborate to develop a tailored approach which will be best for the school and individuals.
Training Session 3 – Working with pupils
Learning outcomes for pupils:

understand the rationale for the process of involving them in improving teaching and learning
appreciate their responsibilities as well as their rights
be aware of the skills of evaluation
be aware of the skills needed in order to give effective feedback.

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