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Enriching English aims to raise standards in teaching English with a collection of themed English enrichment activities. A key resource for English teachers teaching English at secondary level, it raises achievement in English and stimulates creativity.

Enriching English will allow you to:

enrich English lessons for all students and provide extension material that will challenge more-able students
improve students’ performance in this core subject by enriching the curriculum
enhance students’ enjoyment of English and promote it as a subject for further study
support whole-school improvement by raising standards in core subjects
provide opportunities for students to expand their thinking skills through problem-solving and develop their social skills through teamwork
improve students’ ability to self-direct their individual learning and help them to have fun and gain pleasure from thinking.
Each activity is accompanied by teacher’s notes on how to use it and suggestions for further work and research, should your students wish to take the project even further. The book also includes a CD-Rom containing all of the activity task sheets for ease of reproduction.
Summary of contents
English is one of the hardest subjects to teach well. Every year English specialists wrack their brains to find new ways of delivering the curriculum. What to do about grammar is one conundrum, how to inspire children to become passionate readers is another.

Enriching English is a collection of challenging enrichment activities designed to inspire more children to study English, to encourage high standards of English, to stimulate creativity with regard to English and to support an informed debate among pupils about the application and direction which English – both written and spoken - takes in our increasingly complex society, and will take in an increasingly complex and challenging future.

The Framework for Teaching English: Years 7, 8 and 9 (DCSF) describes the kind of teaching more-able pupils will benefit from: ‘…targeting higher order questions, building in challenging open-ended tasks, and directing supplementary study outside the lesson’. We believe that all pupils benefit from work that includes these elements, and the enrichment activities in Enriching English are intended to provide the kind of stretch and complexity of thinking that makes exploring a subject such as English enjoyable and worthwhile.

Enriching English presents activities that are based within the national curriculum but that will also enrich and extend it. The activities are presented in three sections:

ten-minute activities
lesson-length enrichment activities for Key Stage 3 and 4
day-long enrichment and extension activities.
Chapter breakdown
Good practice model: Libraries (activity 27)
Express English
‘Active’ bookmarks
Colourful language
Cover story
Future-proof dictionary
Is it really funny?
Novel equations
Picturing a thousand words
Sensory poems
Step one
The found diary
Unlikely correspondence
What hasn’t been written?
Writing on the wall
Lesson-length enrichment activities
Rhymes for writers
Writing – and acting – from a different perspective
Top draft, top draughts
To be or not to be (– ––– / –. . . . / ––– .–. / –.––– – / – ––– / –. . . . )
The A to Z of advice
Found poetry
Playing with Surrealists
Signing names
Call my bluff
Ouch! Literary spite
Reverse crosswords
Dressing up in the past and the future
Does it really rhyme if it’s proper poetry?
The great chain of being
The phonetic alphabet
Can’t you spell?
Oink, bark, quack, quest: animal adventures
The ideal book size
Geography stories
How does this font make you feel?
Epitaphs and memorials
Riveting, supersonic, turbo-charged words
The slow, strange evolution of the alphabet
The map of life
Generating (or genre-ating) a new genre
Nanook of the North and unreality TV
Titles that almost weren’t
Commedia dell’arte
What not to read
Unseen characters
When one name isn’t enough
Never give string to a linonophobe
New meanings for old words
‘The Devil’s Dictionary’
The other Paul Jennings
Banned Books Week
Lunar dreams
It’s a conspiracy!
A sorry excuse for an activity
The runaway nose and other magically real adventures
Flights of the imagination
Notes in the margin
Metaphorically speaking
The poetry of science
Why do we care?
Imaginary scales
A mild depression over England
Puffs, blurbs and rolling logs
Laurels for the poet laureate
Officer, follow that fiction!
Spook stories
Far out: science fiction, fantasy and the outward urge
Love stories
Zoorland, Zembla, Zamorna: the new worlds of writers
That’s the end of the curtains, folks!
Day-long enrichment and extension activities
An 18th-century bicycle
Sports writer
The super-fictions of a Belgian man
Spread the word
Ancient Greek theatre: hubris, hamartia, katharsis
Risk assessment
Evaluation and review

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