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Enriching Modern Foreign Languages is a collection of over 100 enrichment and extension activities that encourage confident use of modern foreign languages in secondary schools and beyond.
This exciting resource is designed to:

inspire students through challenging enrichment work that encourages more young people to study languages other than English
encourage high standards of competence
stimulate creativity with regard to application of language in different situations
support an informed debate among students about the importance of the clear use of language in an increasingly complex world of practically instantaneous communications.
Summary of contents
The activities in this book are presented in four sections:

Language tasters: 10-minute activities
KS3 lesson enrichment activities
KS4 lesson enrichment activities
Enriching other languages: lesson enrichment activities
Day-long enrichment activities
The language tasters can be used for 10-minute slots of available time (form periods, assembly groups, lesson starters). The activities are as challenging and stretching as the pupil’s ability and enthusiasm allow. The 10-minute title is a guideline; the activities could run over a longer period of time if required.

KS3 & KS4 activities
Both the KS3 and KS4 activities are designed to complement and extend work done in lessons while lending themselves to longer projects. The ‘Going further’ suggestions are intended to provide ideas for the development of creative and critical thinking, research skills and to provoke curiosity.

Enriching other languages: lesson enrichment activities
The activities within this section are designed to stimulate a student’s interest in a broad range of languages, their application, construction and the possible development of languages world-wide in the future. The activities can be ‘stand-alone’ in nature or form part of a larger project looking at world events, for instance European growth. Activities in this section, as with others in this collection, have the potential to become life-long interests or the seed for other developments such as a ‘Polish Society’, a ‘Lingual Blog’ or an ‘Ethnographic Society’, the key being an enthusiasm for the celebration of language in a diverse and enjoyable manner.

Day-long enrichment activities

These can be used as whole-day activities, for enrichment days, activities weeks or the occasional weekend course. Day-long activities can also be used in sections to fit into a series of lessons if carefully adapted.
The message for your students is that learning and mastering a language is challenging and exciting and, if they have the ability and are motivated by it, they can successfully study at a higher level - not just as a curriculum subject - but as a secure foundation for success in both their future careers and recreational aspects of their life.
Many different syllabuses now exist and are used in schools and colleges. The book aims to provide ‘something for everybody’ without compromising on either the thinking required by students or the fun and pleasure of studying a language, which is every student’s entitlement.
A strong element of speaking (and sometimes singing) is included in as many of the activities as possible, with the emphasis on building the confidence of students so that they will be able to speak in and enjoy the language they are studying.
Chapter breakdown
Language tasters
01 Willkomm-Höft
02 How many words in a day?
03 The slang of Titan
04 High street
05 Gained in translation
07 Kot kot, gav gav, moo moo – international animals
08 Getting ready to speak
09 A to Z in another language
10 Heno heno: doodling in Japanese
11 What’s the conversation?
12 Fortune cookies
13 The sounds of speaking
14 Ambigrams
15 The principles of translation
French KS3: Les on enrichment activities
16 So who speaks French?
17 J’attendrai
18 Jacques Tati and wordless humor
19 Ill fo manger, you know
20 Calligrammes
21 Tu and vous and thee and thou
22 The when, where, Y game
23 Le centre de la mode
24 The beautiful cellar door
25 Quid’s out
26 Chut! Les lettres muettes
27 Allez chefs
28 Bring back that strawberry!
French KS4: les on enrichment activities
29 16th century French exchange
30 L’esprit d’escalier
31 Funny French
32 Interview with an erudite cat
33 FranSpan
34 Little words, big meanings
35 Être
36 Mal à propos
37 Mais oc!
38 Français futur
39 Stranded
40 Jeu du Dictionnaire
41 Les fourmis et la mort: the writing of Bernard Werber
German KS3: les on enrichment activities
42 So who speaks German?
43 What exactly does gerne mean?
44 Merz pictures
45 Maikäfer flieg
46 Heimlich zuhören
47 Wortdiagramme
48 Traditional German clothing
49 Surreal vocabulary list
50 Heidenspaß
51 A difficult dictionary
52 Rhine game
53 Labanotation
54 New festival
German KS4: les on enrichment activities
55 Wie es eigentlich gewesen
56 Dinner for One
57 Das Hokey Cokey
58 Echt wissen
59 Talk to the Handy: new technology and new words
60 Zu sein
61 Little words, big meanings
62 Making der grüne Punkt
63 German + ? = ?
64 Plattdeutsch
65 The Ingvaeonic nasal spirant law
66 Doing a Dozent’s job
67 Zukunft Deutsch
SPANISH KS3: les on enrichment activities
68 The Spanish learning jacket
69 What do you need to know?
70 Plus Ultra
71 Mexican wave
72 We hands wave
73 Nuevo estilo
74 Hablo un poco
75 A cure for cancer
76 Dábale arroz a la zorra el abad
77 Visión de la palabra
78 Cool chilli
79 Memorial
80 Verbalised
Spanish KS4: les on enrichment activities
81 Flamenco
82 The embracing alphabet
83 The story in a name
84 Pelota vasca
85 Azafrán
86 Future + pentru + español
87 Noticias españolas
88 Limpia, fija y da esplendor
89 From Rocinante’s point of view
90 Chirigotas
91 Canarian bananas
92 Mucho
93 Mystery clues
Enriching other languages
les on enrichment activities
94 Scrabble w Polsce
95 Colourful language
96 Ode to?
97 I must kiss somebody at once! – phrasebook poetry
98 Silence, please
99 Gesture talk
100 The ear of the mind: multilingual exhibition
101 The Chinese musical scale
102 Dialect or language?
103 A short history of Ukrainian and Lithuanian
Day-long enrichment activities
104 The European Commission’s translation challenge
105 Language family trees
106 Deshima: the Dutch, Japan and the artificial island
107 ???? – Nunavut
108 The linguistic picnic

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