Harnessing Parent Power: Working with parents to improve pupil outcomes

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Harnessing Parent Power will support you to redefine the home-school relationship by helping you to:

Create an ongoing dialogue with parents, discussing aspirations for the child, barriers to progress and how you can collaborate to support the child’s learning.
Enable parents to see the importance of their role, involvement and support.
Benefit from the skills and knowledge everyone can bring to the partnership.
Raise pupil attainment through better use of home learning.
Create an inclusive school culture where parents can contribute to school decision-making.
Develop partnerships as a whole school endeavour that includes administrative staff, catering staff, ICT staff, community liaison and site staff.
Build commitment and confidence of teaching and support staff to work with parents.
Integrate a plan of action into the school development plan to ensure maximum impact.
Develop shared understanding about the purpose of homework and a consistent approach.
Locate the school as part of the local community which it can support and be supported by.

Summary of contents
Harnessing Parent Power consists of five separate sessions, aimed at governors, senior leaders, school staff and parents. Each session will help participants understand their role in this partnership and will foster skills and encourage reflection to enable more collaborative working to take root.

Redefine and improve home-school relationships
Improve outcomes for pupils through parental involvement
Forge collaborative partnerships that get value from everyone
Raise pupil attainment through better home learning
Session Breakdown
Training session 1 – Making the case: why work in partnership with parents? For governors and senior leaders.
Learning Outcomes:

Reflect on the importance of developing a genuine partnership between home and school
Gain an overview of the research which indicates the role of parents in raising pupil achievement
Come to a view about how such a partnership might be developed at the school
Training session 2 – Parents as partners: developing a whole-school approach. For the senior leadership team.
Learning Outcomes:

Build on outcomes of training session 1 to agree a plan of action
Discuss barriers to taking this work forward and how these might be addressed
Explore how partnership with parents can be integrated into the school development plan as a whole-school focus
Training session 3 – Engaging parents in supporting learning. For teaching and support staff.
Learning Outcomes:

Understand the benefits of developing a partnership with parents
Understand the barriers to parental engagement
Generate ideas as to how, in their own role, they can contribute to the development of this work
Training session 4 – Parents and schools working together. A workshop for parents.
Learning Outcomes:

Understand the benefits of supporting their child’s learning
Understand how they can work with the school
Generate ideas as to how they can offer support
Training session 5 – Making homework work: reviewing homework policy and practice. Consultation session for teaching staff
Learning Outcomes:

Discuss the purpose of homework
Review current practice and consider improvements to ensure that learning done at home is meaningful
Identify the key priorities for the school’s homework policy

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