How 2 Become: A Solicitor

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ISBN: 9781910202296
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Solicitors are professionals who offer legal support and advice to their clients. Depending on the specific area of expertise, they can specialise in commercial issues, personal issues or protecting individuals from certain situations with regards to their rights. Solicitors will generally take instructions from clients and advise on the different courses of legal action that are open to them. Clients are usually either individuals, groups, public sector organisations or private companies. Solicitors will often be employed to represent clients who are unable to pay for legal services themselves. How to become a solicitor is a professional guide which will guide you through the entire process for becoming a solicitor within the UK. The guide covers details such as what it is like to be a solicitor, how to train, educational qualifications, the different routes available to you, career opportunities, working within a law firm, working on a freelance basis and also how to become successful within your field.

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Pub Date 2015-05
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