Improving Behaviour with Restorative Approaches: Develop a learning ethos and positive relationships across your school

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ISBN: 9781907927409
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What kind of a learning environment do you want to create in your school? Would you like to see less conflict, less bullying and a calmer, more respectful community? Schools that adopt restorative practices have seen transformational changes, with improved behaviour in and out of class, fewer bullying incidents, fewer fixed-term exclusions and a more productive atmosphere for learning.

With training sessions for different groups in the school community, the Improving Behaviour with Restorative Approaches resource will enable your staff to:

understand the key concepts of restorative practices and why they are effective
use restorative practice techniques in various situations
know how to embed restorative approaches across the school community so that a shared expectation of how to behave prevails
improve behaviour for pupils, staff and parents
evaluate the impact of introducing restorative practices.

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Pub Date 2013-10
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