Improving Outcomes for Looked-After Children

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Improving Outcomes for Looked-After Children is a resource designed to challenge and improve the educational provision and assistance given to children in care. This latest offering fro
m experienced practitioner Sue Soan will ensure that your staff implement a consistent and coherent approach to the support offered to looked-after children in your school.

Improving Outcomes for Looked-After Children is designed to:

enable you to develop school strategy in areas relating to looked-after children
highlight the importance of professionals working together in partnership with the needs of looked-after children
provide assessment advice and a comprehensive programme of support for looked-after children
help you work with children to plan their future care, education, social, emotional and health needs
enable you to support looked-after children to achieve in all key areas of their lives.
Summary of contents
Improving Outcomes for Looked-After Children will:

explain why education is so important in raising the aspirations of looked-after children
examine the effect of an ‘insecure base’ on a child’s ability to access learning
help you develop resilience in your looked-after children
provide ideas and approaches for implementing strategies in the classroom
examine the role of agencies, parents and carers in the successful management of transitions
consider the importance of long-term planning for young people.

By increasing your knowledge about working with looked-after children and understanding their needs and difficulties better, you can improve the education provision and assistance that they receive.

"Sue Soan describes the book as a 'Practical guide to raising aspirations and achievement'.

In my view it most certainly achieves that and a lot more. I would recommend it as an essential read, and indeed reference, for any professional who comes into contact with Looked After Children."

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Pub Date 2010-06
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