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Inspire your students. Put a whole world of careers at their fingertips.

Not everyone knows what they want to be when they “grow up”. Where do you start? Even those that do know need a little help to discover and learn more about their dream career. The Careers module from Indigo can help. With over 600 comprehensive job profiles to filter, search and explore, along with real-life insights from people in those careers, prepare for a classroom of inspired young people!

Students can explore by skillset, industry type, qualifications or even potential salary, filtering a world of career pathways down to a select few that are best suited to them. Each profile is presented in a bright, engaging and illustrated way – many including brand new video-based case studies and interviews – with up-to-date labour market information as well as inspiring real-life insights.

The Careers module is a great basis for classroom discussion; what does an average day look like in that job? How does one career compare to another? What could you be earning in ten years? What is the qualification or experience roadmap to get there?

Indigo doesn't stop there either. Your subscription includes even more:

Providing students with the tools to explore their future careers is only half the story. That’s why we include a huge range of resources, reports and discussion tools to support you, as their careers guide, as well as keep track of their progress. That’ll make it easier to demonstrate impact and activity for Ofsted and fulfil those Gatsby Benchmarks…

What’s more, every subscription includes over 60 comprehensive lesson plans for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 to prepare students for all progression routes, academic and vocational.

Helping you deliver a whole-school careers curriculum, including full support for non-specialist teachers.

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