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This ebook takes a practical look at what the introduction of performance-related pay will mean in your school. Having read through you will:

understand the scope of the changes and what differs from current arrangements
know what the changes will mean in your own context
be able to analyse the possible opportunities and threats presented by the new arrangements
link performance-related pay with school improvement
plan for the impact of the changes on continuing professional development
review your appraisal and pay policies
make long-term plans for the financial implications brought about by the changes.

Summary of contents
This practical guidebook will show you how to:

understand the scope of the upcoming changes in your school
see the opportunities and threats presented by the changes
ensure your systems and procedures are fair, robust and in line with the new arrangements.
This guidebook includes:

handouts and proformas to help with reviewing your policies, thinking about the questions you need to ask, briefing your governors and staff.
Chapter breakdown
Section 1
What is performance-related pay as proposed? How does what is suggested differ from current guidelines?

Understand the proposed new system and what is new.
Section 2
What do the changes mean for your school?

Consider how closely appraisal is already linked to pay progression in your school.
Think about the possible opportunities and threats presented by the changes.
Plan how you will manage the new system in a fair, robust and transparent way.
What will be the long-term financial implications of change?
Section 3
Appraisal and pay progression

Identify the criteria you will use to award pay increases.
Ensure consistency of approach across all staff.
Consider likely impact on staff recruitment, retention and CPD.
Section 4
Policy review

Identify the key questions you and your governors should be asking.
Section 5
What else could you do to reward teachers?

Think more broadly about teacher recruitment, retention and wellbeing and what other factors you might use to motivate staff.

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