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Money saving bundle suitable for KS3.


The Bonkers Book of Jobs

Aimed at 9-13 year olds this title introduces the reader to a variety of the weirdest, scariest, coolest most disgusting and most delicious jobs around. Through activities, quizzes and information the reader will discover how much people earn, qualifications needed and potential career prospects. Jobs featured include comedian, dog food taster, cheese maker, lego sculptor and golf ball diver. Includes a quiz to match the reader with their perfect bonkers job.

Which GCSEs?

Making the right choice of GCSE subjects is one of the first major decisions you will make about your future. Some subjects will be compulsory but you will have a choice of other options. Which GCSEs? is full of information to help you make the best choice for you. It also tells you about the other qualifications that you can take at Key Stage 4 as well as outlining other pathways such as apprenticeships.

Amazing Jobs: Engineering

Discover the amazing array of jobs within the field of engineering that you never knew existed. From the structural engineers who design the concrete and steel structures that keep skyscrapers and other buildings from falling down, to the robotics engineers who construct industrial robots and walking robots and the aeronautical engineers who design aircrafts.

Amazing Jobs: Maths

Discover the amazing array of jobs within the field of maths that you never knew existed! From the cryptologists who use their coding skills to break secret codes for governments and the military, to the cosmologists working to find out how the Universe began and how it might end and the music data scientists who analyse online data to detect trends in music.

Amazing Jobs: Science

Discover the amazing array of jobs within the field of science that you never knew existed. From the exoplanet hunters who use powerful telescopes to look for planets orbiting stars, to the forensic scientists who help detectives by using forensic chemistry to link suspects to crime scenes.

Amazing Jobs: Technology

Discover the amazing array of jobs within the field of technology that you never knew existed. From the professional hackers, known as cyber security experts, who use security techniques to make sure that an organisation's data is safe from falling into the wrong hands, to the app developers who design the latest apps, from games and entertainment to navigation tools.

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