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Money saving bundle for KS5.


Is Going to Uni Worth It?

Not sure what path to take once you leave school? Worried about choosing the ‘right’ option? Don’t panic!

Faced with mounting student debt, and stories of graduates left without a job, it’s understandable to ask whether going to uni is REALLY worth it. Other paths into the workplace are now well-established, and graduates report feeling ill equipped for the world of work. So, is going to uni the right choice for you?

How to Write a Winning UCAS Personal Statement

This guide provides students with first-hand guidance on how to impress university admissions tutors and create a winning Personal Statement. It takes a fresh look at how students can make the most of their university or college application, teaching how to successfully sell themselves for the first time and secure their dream place at uni.

So you want to go to Oxbridge?

Applicants to Oxford and Cambridge are ambitious, academically-gifted, and accomplished - so how do admissions tutors decide who is offered that highly competitive place? And when an interviewer asks you to 'tell me about a banana', what exactly are they looking for in your answer?

Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions

With over 5 million copies sold, this bestseller takes you through the whole process: from composing your CV and preparing for interviews, to interview techniques, answering tough questions and even negotiating your new salary.

How to Write an Impressive CV and Cover Letter

As the job market is more competitive than ever, grabbing an employer's attention and making the right first impression has never been more important. If you compromise on the quality of your CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile, you reduce your chances of winning an interview.

The Apprenticeship Guide 2022 - 16th Edition (updated annually in October)

England's employer-designed apprenticeships are smarter, more specific and better tailored to the needs of both employers and young people. As a result, there are more than 500 apprenticeships listed in the latest edition of The Apprenticeship Guide. There are also welcomes and words of wisdom from the National Apprenticeship Service and the Apprenticeship Diversity Champions Network, as well as advice on everything from deciding which apprenticeship is right for you, to landing an interview.

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