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A practical stress management programme for use in schools and colleges

Managing Stress in Education is a comprehensive resource that includes up-to-date theory and practice, using session plans and practical activities to help develop stress management skills in your staff and students. The basic principles and techniques of stress management are straightforward, and therefore the activities and sessions in this resource can be used across all Key Stages.

An effective stress management programme in your school will help your pupils to learn the skills they need to take control of their own behaviour. Managing Stress in Education uses relaxation techniques alongside the cognitive behavioural approach to impart both the theory of stress management and the practical skills that your pupils will use to combat stress throughout their lives.

By taking a preventative approach to stress management, Managing Stress in Education also develops your pupils’ resilience to stress.

Managing Stress in Education contains four sections designed to:

Provide you with a framework for rolling out a cohesive and integrated stress management programme in your school
Increase staff knowledge about the effects and causes of stress through integrated CPD
Look at stress among your teachers and how this affects your students
Save you time by providing you with practical activities and sessions to use in class.
Managing Stress in Education uses a variety of materials and resources to support teachers to embed a stress management programme in their school curriculum.

Summary of contents
Managing Stress in Education uses practical activities and sessions to actively contribute to the reduction of stress within your school community.

Section 1: Key Information for Staff locates stress within an educational context, provides essential information and explains how an effective stress management programme extends beyond a ‘quick fix’ approach into learning how to perceive the world as a less stressful place.

Section 2: The Wider Picture addresses the importance of acknowledging that stress amongst teachers is a concern nationally and reviews some of the literature on stress in children.

Section 3: Staff Training sets out the details of how staff can train themselves as presenters and deliver stress management session plans to young people. A PowerPoint presentation is aimed at supporting school staff to train themselves in stress management. Carrying out this self training is an important preliminary. After staff have learned to address their own stress they will be better equipped to impart stress training to others. This is followed by broad guidelines for staff before student sessions are started.

Section 4: Choosing What to Think includes a PowerPoint presentation sequence that offers session plans enabling staff to train young people in techniques for managing stress, including exam stress. Schools may choose to offer stress management as part of the wider PSHE or SEAL curriculum on managing feelings.

Chapter breakdown
Section 1
Key Information for Staff

Chapter 1 Stress Management: the educational context
Chapter 2 Basic Information on Stress
Chapter 3 Stress Theory
Chapter 4 Stress Management Theory: the importance of perception change
Section 2
The Wider Picture

Chapter 5 Stress in Educational Staff and Students
Chapter 6 Building a Low Stress Environment for Staff and Students
Section 3
Staff Training

Chapter 7 Staff Preparation for the Student Sessions
Chapter 8 Before Starting Your Student Sessions: some practical points
Section 4
Choosing What to Think: the stress management programme for students

Chapter 9 Session Plans
Chapter 10 The Exam Stress Session Explained

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