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Managing your Ofsted Inspection is a vital guide designed to help you demonstrate overall effectiveness and illustrate your best practice by understanding exactly what inspectors are looking for, how judgements are being made and what you should do to prepare.

Written from the experience of several inspections, it captures the learning of more than 12 schools (primary and secondary) which were inspected in January and February 2012.

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Have an outstanding inspection – how to show your school at its very best

Managing your Ofsted Inspection will show you how to demonstrate the very best of what you are doing by explaining how to:

Know your story and tell it well – how to know and understand your school data, key questions you should ask of it and guidance on how to present it
Produce clear, robust and reliable assessment data that shows progress from starting points for individuals and for groups of pupils, including examples of how progress data should look for primary and secondary
Evaluate your self-evaluation and improve it using guidance on writing evaluatively and for impact and working rigorously with the grade descriptions in the evaluation schedule
Motivate staff and support them to perform at their best including specific sections for middle leaders, senior leaders, and governors
Reduce stress by enabling a more predictable inspection process for your staff with details of exactly what to expect, including learning walks, drop-ins, and scrutiny of books
Gather appropriate evidence in each section to ensure each area is impacting positively on the other with advice on which evidence to show and how to gather behavioural evidence
Ensure a smooth and efficient process with practical information on the inspection set up – what happens before and after, what documentation to prepare, pre-inspection briefing, and post-inspection feedback
Summary of contents
Using clear and straight forward guidance, it takes you through what you should expect and how you should prepare, including practical checklists and advice for each of the four judgements and the judgement on overall effectiveness. Designed for leaders at all levels, it can be used as resource, guide or as an aid for your self-evaluation.

For each judgement, it covers:

What inspectors are looking for
Key lessons learned from schools who’ve been through it
Evidence you should show inspectors
Advice for Interviews and discussions
The e-book contains practical tools including:

Questions and prompts from real inspections
Example presentations of primary and secondary progress data
An example of a teaching profile
A case study from an inspected school
A one-day preparation checklist
Chapter breakdown
Section 1: The 2012 Ofsted framework for school inspection

The emerging shape of school inspections in the 2012 framework
Hearing children read
Six important points
Preparing your school
Guidance on self-evaluation
Writing evaluatively and for impact
Overall effectiveness

Section 2: The four key areas

Achievement of pupils at the school
The quality of teaching in the school
Behaviour and safety of pupils at the school
Quality of leadership and management of the school
Section 3: The telephone calls

Documentation you should prepare
The pre-inspection briefing

Section 4: Case study and checklist

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Pub Date 2012-05
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