Marking Feedback and Assessment: Improving pupil progress through effective feedback

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Marking, Feedback and Assessment will enable you and your colleagues to:

Agree strategy for developing consistent and effective marking, feedback and assessment across your school.
Identify what’s working and what’s not working and prioritise what you want to improve.
Understand types of feedback that work well and how to ask and answer good questions.
Work together in planning and trialling lessons, activities and homework.
Strengthen pupil motivation by helping pupils be clear about what they’re doing, what they’re getting better at, and what they can work on next.
Develop routines and strategies to monitor pupils’ progress and scaffold their learning.
Tailor your teaching and responses to pupils’ capabilities and potentials.
Set up activities to include effective assessments and plan for using feedback in lessons.
Use questioning to engage your pupils in reflecting on their progress and giving one another feedback.

Summary of contents

This training pack consists of activities and information, designed to help you work with your teaching colleagues on enabling your pupils to develop as active, interactive and reflective learners. It includes references to research and quotations from pupils and colleagues in schools.

Develop consistency of practice with high expectations
Monitor pupils’ progress and adjust teaching accordingly
Enhance teaching and learning using formative assessments
Match assessments and teaching to pupils’ individual talents, interests and needs
Session Breakdown
Training session 1 – What do you do well? What can you improve? How can you develop?
Learning Outcomes:

Agree purposes for marking, feedback and assessment
Survey current strengths and weaknesses in marking, feedback and assessment
Make a statement about how to manage tensions between summative, grade-based and formative, comment based assessments
Recommend focuses for development in marking, feedback and assessment
Training session 2 – Giving and using feedback
Learning Outcomes:

Agree what the key features of successful feedback are, and use those to inform lesson planning
Plan how to include effective feedback in an upcoming sequence of lesson activities, focusing on immediate spoken and shown, as well as written, feedback
Training session 3 - Peer and self assessment
Learning Outcomes:

Consider a range of ideas about self and peer assessing and questioning
Help one another to plan lesson activities using those strategies
Training session 4 – Developing your practice
Learning outcomes:

Revise your definition of what you want marking, feedback and assessment to achieve
Survey possibilities for action research and choose ways forward
Reflect on the support you need and make recommendations about that
Decide how you might inform others about what you learn
Training session 5 – How are you doing and how do you know?
Learning Outcomes:

Share perceptions about how marking, feedback and assessment are developing across the school
Respond to statements emerging from the training
Plan next steps to consolidate and continue the developments
Decide how to share developments with stakeholders

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