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Occupations Online

Publisher: UNKNOWN
ISBN: 9786000028732
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Pub Date2021-03
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The new edition of this comprehensive careers encyclopaedia is back for 2021 in its new digital format.

Fully updated and now available online to be accessed either in school or on mobile/home devices, this bestselling careers encyclopaedia still gives you the same up-to-date information in a modern, easy to navigate format.

With over 750 jobs highlighted and arranged into job families, each job profile includes; basic information, work activities, personal qualities and skills required, pay and opportunities, entry routes, training and qualifications and adult opportunities. Each section also includes a list of organisations providing further information about the occupational area.

Occupations contains a full range of jobs that are linked to STEM subjects, along with many profiles where arts, languages, and humanities combine with science and technology to offer modern, exciting career choices. Young people will be able to compare their own skills and strengths to those required for each occupation and see a realistic overview of the activities they would be expected to perform in the workplace.

Individuals will be able to use the resource at every step of their career journey. They will be able to check the potential future consequences of each key learning decision at 14, 16, and 18 and beyond. They can use it to quickly research their existing career ideas, and find out how to attain and be successful in, their dream job. They will also have easy access to a full range of credible, alternative career ideas for comparison and inspiration, along with links to quality website sources for further research.

Occupations is an ideal addition to your online ‘virtual’ careers library. It will help you to provide information about career paths and the labour market so that each young person can make the best decisions about their individual study options. Parents can also be encouraged to access and use the resource to help them to support their children’s choices.

Purchased as an annual subscription, Occupations is accessed via the new Optimus Education Online portal. All you need to do is send your users the log in details and they can access this resource from anywhere. Your annual subscription means you will always have the most up-to-date version as any updates or new versions will automatically be added to your account. Keep a look out for all the products available through this platform so that you can have a fully comprehensive and up to date careers library available to all your students, all the time!

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