Outstanding Pupil Progress: Ensuring sustained learning progression for all

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The sessions enable staff to evaluate how current practices, processes and communication strategies are impacting on learner progress, and to identify strategies which could be implemented to improve progress in key areas. The course also teaches participants how to build productive working relationships with learners and parents in order to maximise progress.

People who take this course will be able to:

Understand the key elements of practice which contribute to learner progress.
Identify appropriate data to support teaching for progress by improving teacher access to and understanding of data.
Increase the effectiveness and accuracy of tracking progress by enhancing data analysis skills.
Employ proven teaching strategies such as challenge, feedback and questioning.
Use the focus on promoting progress to raise the quality of teaching and learning.
Implement learner and parental engagement strategies to promote increased and sustained progress.
Enhance the quality of planning for learning so that the right support is provided for each pupil.

Summary of contents
Outstanding Pupil Progress consists of five training sessions that will enable your teaching staff to:

Plan a realistic trajectory for each pupil by understanding the data
Clarify their understanding of how progress looks over a key stage
Create a series of learning experiences where progress is tracked rigorously
Personalise learning to provide the right support at the right time

Session Breakdown
Training Session 1 – Senior leader’s overview
Learning Outcomes:

Gain an overview of how outstanding progress can be achieved at a whole-school level
Reflect on the nature of progress and how it is assessed
Understand the implications of targets for the school, individual learners and teaching staff
Reflect on current practices and their impact on progress
Consider the practices necessary to achieve outstanding progress
Training Session 2 – Data Analysis, Tracking and target setting
Learning Outcomes:

Understand what constitutes good and outstanding progress
Reflect on current use of data to promote progress
Understand the value and the limitations of the data they have available
Understand how data can be used to effect progress
Understand the implications of target-setting processes
Training Session 3 – Planning and tracking for progress
Learning Outcomes:

Reflect on the implications of the targets set for individual learners, and how this relates to progression within the subject
Analyse progression to identify where there are likely to be opportunities for accelerated progress, and where progress might be anticipated to be slower
Clarify the links in your subject between planning for numerical progress and curricular progress
Begin to develop strategies for evidencing progress in learning to underpin numerical data
Training Session 4 – Essential strategies for teaching to promote progress
Learning Outcomes:

Reflect on key aspects of teaching for progress
Explore possible strategies for promoting progress within each aspect
Explore how strategies such as challenge, feedback and questioning can contribute to learner progress
Reflect on, and evaluate own and whole-school practices
Training Session 5 – Stakeholder engagement
Learning Outcomes:

Improved communication between stakeholders
Increased engagement of learners in their own progress
Increased engagement of parents and carers in learner progress

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