Outstanding Teaching and Learning: A systematic approach to improvement

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Outstanding Teaching and Learning is a deliver-it-yourself training package that focuses on the key ingredients of outstanding teaching to help teachers understand what outstanding looks like for them and the range of ways they can achieve it.

Rather than provide a ‘one size fits all’ mold, this unique course helps teachers improve practice by developing their own understanding of outstanding teaching which both meets Ofsted criteria and resonates for them so that they genuinely believe in it.

Outstanding Teaching and Learning will enable your teachers to:

Raise standards achieved by pupils using methods that close attainment gaps
Increase the amount of progress made by pupils relative to their starting points
Reduce workload involved in effective personalisation
Ensure pupils achieve objectives by following a logical process for setting them, sharing them, and planning activities that move pupils towards them
Engage with assessment as something they want to do because it makes a difference to their teaching and to pupils’ learning.

Summary of contents
Outstanding Teaching and Learning contains six practical sessions which explore the common features of outstanding lessons and look at progression and personalisation, covering methods designed to raise standards and increase progress for all pupils whilst giving teachers the freedom to define their own development.

Raise whole-school achievement
Close attainment gaps
Increase pupil progress
Improve assessment and personalization
Session Breakdown
Training session 1 – Your classroom
Learning Outcomes:

Compare different classroom styles and recognise the variety of forms ‘outstanding’ can take
Begin to identify the common features of different outstanding classrooms
Define the type of classroom you aspire to create
Training session 2 – Planning and activities
Learning Outcomes:

Have a clear step by step process for planning a lesson
Understand the crucial importance of planning purposeful tasks based on explicit objectives
Training session 3 – Assessment and progress 1: Checking progress and questioning
Learning Outcomes:

Understand the purpose of assessment
Have an increased repertoire of assessment strategies at your disposal
Be able to use effective questioning to promote learning
Training session 4 – Assessment and progress 2: Keeping progress going
Learning Outcomes:

Know how to use assessment as a tool to move pupils on and ensure they make ‘rapid and sustained progress’
Know how to challenge all pupils regardless of the speed at which they learn
Training session 5 – Personalisation
Learning Outcomes:

Understand the reasons for personalisation
Have an expanded repertoire of techniques for personalising
Training session 6 – What does this mean for us?
Learning Outcomes:

Synthesise and share your view of what outstanding teaching means to you
Develop a shared school view of how the learning from these sessions should impact on the school

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