Parent Partnership for Positive Performance

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‘The single most important factor influencing a child's intellectual and
social development is the quality of parenting and care they receive.’
Chris Paterson, Parenting Matters: Early Years and Social Mobility, Centre:forum, August 2011

A recent report by independent think tank Centre:forum, investigating the impact on parenting in the early years, states that what parents do for their children is far more influential than who the parents are. Regardless of what background a parent has, they have the ability to raise their children’s educational aspirations through a combination of activities and time spent reading and playing with the children.

There is clear evidence that parental involvement, support and encouragement has a dramatic influence on the school achievements of pupils throughout their school careers. By helping parents to support their children’s learning and development, teachers can enhance a child’s overall capacity to learn.

Parent Partnership for Positive Performance offers practical advice on how to support the learning of children of less advantaged families by developing a positive partnership with parents. Each chapter includes practical Have a Go! sections full of ideas and activities to try with parents and children at home or in school. Each chapter also includes Stop and Think! practical tasks for teachers to help analyse their existing partnerships with parents and how they might be developed.

If parents are to be meaningfully involved in the education of their own children, schools must be highly proactive in providing a framework whereby parents and teachers can work in unison to benefit the child.

This publication includes a CD-ROM with printable case study material, activities and information handouts and is a primary and early secondary resource.

Parent Partnership for Positive Performance is a comprehensive resource that will:

encourage parents to develop positive attitudes to learning at home
increase access to hard-to-reach parents and homes
develop in your students the hidden curriculum of skills, behaviours and attitudes to succeed in school.
Parent Partnership for Positive Performance considers how you can support the learning of children from less advantaged homes through parent partnerships. This practical resource will not only involve parents in school but also support them in creating a positive home learning environment.

Chapter breakdown
Introduction: The Lottery of life-chances

Part One: The shaping of attitudes and behaviour that influence performance at school

Chapter 1: Educational Performance of Children in Less Advantaged Families
Chapter 2: Cultural Capital: Home perceptions of the value of learning
Chapter 3: Consistent Home-School Learning Environments: The purpose of parent partnership
Part Two: Practical Strategies to Promote Learning Culture in Less Advantaged Families

Introduction: The School Gates – Crossing the Rubicon
Chapter 4: Helping Parents to Create a Positive Home Learning Environment
Chapter 5: Parent Involvement in School
Chapter 6: Communicating with Parents to Create an Integrated Learning Culture
Chapter 7: Checks and Balances
Part Three: Supporting Your Development Plan

Chapter 8: Strategies to Support School Development
Chapter 9: Staff Training and Parent Meeting: PowerPoint Presentation

Part Four: Resources
Discussion prompts, questionnaires and resources for use with staff.

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