Pass Your A-Levels with A*s

ISBN: 9781911259152
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This book contains detailed tips and advice on the A and AS level process, from creating a revision timetable, to coursework, all the way down to the final exams. Students can discover what kind of learner they are and what revision techniques work best for them. Written with students and parents in mind, this 'how to study' guide is essential for those wanting to enhance their revision and increase their A-Levels.
Written and created by the UK's leading career and educational specialists, this new study guide includes:
• In-depth coverage of different learning styles and appropriate revision techniques for each
• Tips on how to perform excellently in exams, including combating stress;
• Subject-specific revision tips
• Proven strategies to increase grades
• Bonus advice for parents/carers to help maximise their child's potential.

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Pub Date 2017-03
Binding Book/Manual