Peer Observation: Improving teaching and learning through collaboration

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Peer Observation will enable teachers and teaching assistants to:

Review how well pupils learn by having a clear view of what happens in lessons
Create, act on and evaluate insights and trials in teaching and learning
Take ownership of how they will sustain and develop their teaching
Constantly look for new ways of meeting pupils’ needs to help them achieve their potential
Challenge themselves and each other to look at why things work or how they might be done differently
Develop trust using a two-way learning process and following a developmental agenda
Refresh their professional knowledge and skills within the context of the whole school development plan
Contribute to whole-school development by linking it to their teaching and learning goals
Benefit from a culture of reflection, experimentation and sharing of ideas.

Summary of contents
Peer Observation enables staff to take ownership of their development through five training sessions which teach effective observation and feedback that helps them review pupils’ learning and decide how to sustain and develop their teaching.

Encourage a developmental agenda in your school
Build trusting relationships through two-way coaching
Develop a culture of reflection, experimentation and sharing
Promote excellent teaching and learning
Session Breakdown
Training Session 1 – Why use peer observation? How will you use it?
Learning Outcomes:

Explore how using peer observation can make a positive difference to pupils’ learning
Link chosen focuses for this continuing professional development (CPD) with performance management and whole-school development
Decide who will work with whom, on what focuses and for what reasons
Discuss feelings associated with observing and being observed by colleagues
Consider different approaches to peer observation, and what might suit you
Explore ideas towards a protocol for peer observations
Training Session 2 – Planning peer observation
Learning Outcomes:

Build on ideas expressed in Training session 1 and confirm the model of peer observation chosen
Draft the protocol for peer observations
Decide what you want your colleagues to look for, and how to record it
Make arrangements for your planning meeting
Explore ways of approaching pre observation meetings
Training Session 3 – Giving and receiving feedback
Learning Outcomes:

Explore what useful feedback focuses on and how feedback is usefully carried out
Check progress with your pre-observation meeting
Discuss arrangements for the observation
Develop the protocol for peer observations, to include giving and receiving feedback
Training Session 4 – Next steps
Learning Outcomes:

Review how lesson observations and feedbacks have gone
Consider how lesson observations can affect and be affected by other forms of CPD, quality assurance and developments
Consider how to continue using lesson observations and ways of developing peer observation further
Training Session 5 – Evaluating
Learning Outcomes:

Reflect on changes made to teaching and learning as a consequence of carrying out peer observations
Consider how best to share with others what is learned from peer observations

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