Practical Safeguarding and Child Protection: Managing neglect and 'lower level' concerns

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Practical Safeguarding and Child Protection: Managing neglect and ‘lower level’ concerns will help you and your governors:

understand indicators of neglect to be able to identify warning signs
provide effective early intervention and timely support to pupils who are neglected
understand the importance of detailed recording of concerns to show patterns
offer practical and effective support to neglected children, including direct communication
carry out effective risk assessments
develop tools to effectively communicate and work with neglectful parents
cooperate with other agencies to develop support for children and families
know and meet your school’s statutory requirements
promote a whole-school approach to managing cases of neglect

Summary of contents
This training resource comprises two training courses, each accompanied by a series of practical handouts and group activities. The first offers practical information and strategies for all staff and volunteers in schools and the second supports senior leaders to meet their statutory responsibilities and promote a whole-school approach.

Identify indicators of neglect
Monitor and record patterns
Support pupils on a daily basis
Work effectively with parents and agencies
Training session breakdown
Training session 1 – Managing neglect and lower level concerns: Understanding and identifying neglect
Learning outcomes:

recognise the prevalence of neglect
identify warning signs of neglect and patterns of neglect
identify parental factors that may contribute to neglect
understand the immediate and long term effects of neglect
support children at risk of neglect on a daily basis in school
co-operate with other agencies to develop support for children and families
Training session 2 - Managing neglect and lower level concerns: The impact of neglect on a child’s health, development and education
Learning outcomes:

examine the adverse effects of neglect
learn about the effects of neglect on brain development and cognition
understand the links between neglect and behaviour
Training session 3 – Supporting the neglected child
Learning outcomes:

identify how the school can support a neglected child
consider how staff can contribute to building the child’s resilience and confidence
encourage children to talk about their feelings
Training session 4 - Continuous monitoring and recording
Learning outcomes:

recognise the importance of reporting and recording
examine the barriers to taking action in cases of neglect
understand where the school fits in the multi-agency child welfare/child protection process

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