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This collection from John Senior will provide you with 91 exciting gifted and talented enrichment activities that will inspire your pupils to enjoy learning and raise their levels of achievement.

This resource will enable you to:

challenge and stretch your more-able pupils and allow them to prosper through achievement
enrich the curriculum for all pupils with tasks that will complement and extend work done in lessons
raise achievement among your pupils by encouraging the important skills of creative and critical thinking, research and curiosity
enhance pupils learning experience through tasks that are both enjoyable and inspiring
provide enrichment easily with ready-to-use activities you can pick up and use straight away.
Chapter breakdown
Good practice model: measuring wiggles (Activity 43)
First thoughts
1 Why do hula hoops work?
2 Edged by hedge
3 20 definitions for a…
4 101 uses for a dead goldfish
5 The helicopter view
6 Table top
7 Grunt, nod and tut!
8 Shapes
9 Dissatisfaction and forks
10 Measuring speed, measuring strength and measuring yourself
11 Unknown genes
12 Thinking about the Seven Wonders
13 Singing your own song
14 When it is right to be wrong
15 New water
16 The wrong-way-round game
17 Testing the theory
18 Essential knowledge
19 Making sense of the world
20 Not even a zephyr
21 Over our heads
22 Frightful clothes
23 The new curiosity box
24 How the world works
25 Cover story
26 Vegetables, flashlights and saucepans
27 The problem with flying
28 Lose!
29 The music garden
30 Mental triptych
31 Message on a bottle
32 Collecting words
33 Sticky feet
34 Codex Borbonicus
35 What’s the weather like today?
36 Monument to food
37 Crafty
38 Magic mittens
39 If not this, then what?
40 Drawing in space
41 Why do fish exist?
42 Solar ponds
43 Measuring wiggles
44 Nobody and Somebody
45 3-D poetry
46 Neighbourhood numbers
47 Sigillography
48 Prime numbers
49 Big walking
50 Radio-controlled pigeons
Lesson-length enrichment activities
51 Helping books to be happy
52 Wings for you
53 Travelling through books
54 Drawing the description
55 Extra words
56 Layered maps
57 Negotiation
58 Changed in translation
59 A word gauge
60 2Ys UR 2Ys UB ICUR 2Ys 4 me
61 Criss-cross cams
62 Shaped poems
63 Text tales
64 Stagecoach – motor car – spaceship
65 Long words
66 Which ‘which’?
67 The full picture
68 Cyber days
69 Newspaper activities
70 Nonsense inventions
71 Windows
72 Shadow play
73 Box museum
74 Dr Zamenhof’s invention
75 Eating words and number-crunching
76 Busy year

77 Celebrating ballooning
78 First words
79 ‘Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie’
80 Future dolls
81 A nice day out
82 Time for tea
83 Tough choice
84 Are chickens smart?
85 London’s burned
86 The biographical dictionary
Day-long enrichment and extension activities
87 The Grand Tour
88 Mathematical gardens
89 Gaia
90 Rubbish island
91 Fog harps
Safe working
Risk assessment
Evaluation and review

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