Primary Sports Assemblies: 40 assemblies to promote sporting values

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‘I want to see a marked, and sustained, cultural shift toward greater participation in sport.’
Hugh Robertson, minister for sports and the Olympics

Sport has never been more at the forefront of education than it will be in the next few years. Underline your school’s sporting ethos and promote sport to the whole school with Primary Sports Assemblies.

Experienced assembly writers Gerald Haigh and Jane AC West bring you 40 action-packed assemblies on sport to inspire the children in your school, from history to the present day; from world champions to children taking part in school sport.

These assemblies are designed to make children curious, deliver surprises, encourage and enthuse and, ultimately, to encourage participation at some level. Sport provides us with endless opportunities both for personal achievement and for enjoying and celebrating the achievements of others; Primary Sports Assemblies will encourage your children to become actively involved in sports and games with their peers. They will benefit from the vital skills that are developed when participating in team sports and physical education.

Primary Sports Assemblies is a comprehensive resource that:

is designed to be used in a way that suits the needs of your pupils and school
enables support staff, parents/carers and students to understand the social and physical value of sport in your school
promotes a healthy lifestyle.
These assemblies are ready to use with minimal or no preparation, so you’ll always have a great sporting assembly to hand when you want one. This collection of assemblies provides a diverse selection of sport themed assemblies relevant to both Key Stage 1 and 2.

Summary of contents
These assemblies are presented in seven themes: past and present, sporting heroes, animal athletes, world cups, endurance, athletics and attitude. They encompass a variety of topics and issues that will interest all of your children and instil in them an active interest in sport.

These lively assemblies will bring personal, social and global issues to the fore, with links to online picture, video and audio links to enhance every theme.

Primary Sports Assemblies will:
• support the physical education programme already on offer at your school
• teach your students the vital skills of working as a team, self-discipline, following rules and conflict resolution
• save you time, as most assemblies take only a few minutes to prepare
• help your colleagues share the responsibility of giving assemblies by providing supportive and accessible resources
• provide themes for the whole-school.

Chapter breakdown
Theme 1: Past and present
This theme illustrates the development of organised sports and games through history.

Milo of Croton and the ancient Olympics
The first modern Olympics
The first Paralympics and Special Olympics
New sports
Growth of sports for women
A plaque at Rugby school – home of rugby football
Theme 2: Sporting heroes
These sporting heroes are chosen from a very long list of candidates, to illustrate the best of attitudes and contributions to life as well as the top performances.

Jesse Owens
Swimming the channel
Marathon runners
Francisca Blankers-Koen
Oldest and youngest
Martina Navratilova
Theme 3: Animal athletes
This theme looks at how we have enjoyed a sense of greater strength and freedom by working with creatures whose abilities outstrip our own.

Equine athletes
Dog agility
Pigeon racing
Theme 4: World cups
The urge to discover, in any sport, which is the best team in the world.

World cup competitions
Theme 5: Endurance
Some sports test speed, the sports in this theme test the desire of human beings to find the limits of endurance.

The Iron Man triathlon
Sailing around the world
Cycling: the Tour de France
Ultra marathons
Iditarod (dog sledding)
Taking a walk
Theme 6: Athletics
This group of assemblies looks at the traditional urge of human beings to test themselves against others at running, jumping and throwing.

Track and field
The four-minute mile
The need for speed: timekeeping
The role of the coach
I was there! Remembering Daley Thompson’s 1984 Olympic triumph
Fighting gravity
Finding the trajectory
Theme 7: Attitude
As teachers we’re concerned with the attitudes that young people learn, and bring to their sport. These assemblies look at examples of healthy attitudes to sport and games.

Being picked for the team
The superstar
Finding what you are good at
The right kind of support
Losing the competition but winning respect
Paying it forward
Helping beginners

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