Promoting Independent Learning at Post16: Strategies for developing successful learners

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Promoting Independent Learning at Post-16: Strategies for developing successful learners will enable you to:

improve teaching and learning through effective use of pupil-centred approaches
accelerate pupil progress by engaging students with a more active role in their learning
facilitate productive group discussion by setting clear protocols and expectations
help students see their next steps using AfL strategies that teach them to be reflective
use formative feedback successfully based on success criteria designed with learners themselves
develop a learning culture where colleagues work together to explore what works best.

Summary of contents
Promoting independent learning at post 16 contains four practical training sessions that offer teachers with varying levels of experience and different teaching styles a chance to benefit from sharing their different perspectives.

Improve teaching and learning using a pupil-centred approach
Enhance progress by giving students an active role in learning
Create independent learners by making small changes
Develop a learning culture and reflective workforce
Training session breakdown
Training session 1 – What do we mean by independent learning and why is this helpful?
Learning outcomes:

consider what’s meant by ‘independent learning’ and why it could be valuable for the post-16 context
experience strategies which could promote learner independence
identify an activity or approach which promotes learner independence to trial with students.
Training session 2 – Building independent learning skills into the curriculum
Learning outcomes:

explore key skills needed by independent learners and considered how they can be incorporated into subject teaching
share strategies you are already using and agree on something you are going to try out in subsequent lessons.
Training session 3 – Formative assessment
Learning outcomes:

consider how AfL approaches might be applicable at KS5 and the link between formative assessment and building learner independence
agree on approaches to try out and feedback on in the next session.
Training session 4 – Student voice and learner-led approaches
Learning outcomes:

consider the benefits of giving students opportunities to direct their learning
gather some practical ideas for putting this into practice.

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