Promoting Staff Wellbeing and Engagement: Supporting staff to excel in the classroom

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This DIY training resource will enable school leaders to develop a fit and flourishing workforce by giving you the skills and tools to implement sustainable wellbeing measures that generate consistency in the teaching team, improved teaching and learning and successful outcomes for the school and the achievement of pupils.

Promoting Staff Wellbeing and Engagement will support you and your school to:

develop your own wellbeing agenda that meets the needs of your staff, pupils and school
self-regulate and lead by example using personal and professional wellbeing strategies
improve teacher delivery with emotionally and physically healthy staff who excel in the classroom
enable consistency in the teaching team through increased emotional loyalty and staff retention
enable successful growth of your school by embracing and managing change successfully
sustain energy levels with strategies to help manage teaching, planning and personal time
promote a positive work and mental health ethos to pupils.

Summary of contents
Promoting staff wellbeing and engagement is designed to be a springboard to applying wellbeing practices to enhance the energy and wellbeing of your school community. The 5 sessions offer an opportunity for your team to explore the possibilities of improving wellbeing and create a healthier working environment.

Enhance performance with healthy staff who excel
Enable growth by embracing change
Lead a reflective, resilient workforce
Develop a whole-school wellbeing culture
Training session breakdown
Training session 1 – School ethos and policy – for senior leaders
Learning outcomes:

investigate and understand stress
recognise what triggers stress
consider the working environment in your school
consider the wellbeing ethos
evaluate what has recently changed (for better or worse)
consider what measures there are already in place to anticipate and reduce apparent, potential and genuine stress levels in your staff.
Training session 2 – Leading change and what to consider – for senior leaders
Learning outcomes:

appreciate the impact and influence SLT have on staff performance
understand that change can be experienced as a stressor or stimulator
explore the main stressors in your school
consider possible staff perception that senior leaders are generators of stress for staff and how best to address this
prepare for a whole-staff wellbeing audit.
Training session 3 – Managing stress – for all staff
Learning outcomes:

appreciate your value as a staff member
understand what stress is
explore the causes of stress
recognise stress signals
develop strategies to counteract stress and build personal resilience
have fun!
Training session 4 – Solution-focused wellbeing strategies – for all staff
Learning outcomes:

unearth the underlying problems that trigger stress in the school
assess the coping strategies already in place
explore alternative wellbeing strategies
investigate “Unfreakability” and what that looks like in a teacher
discover the secrets of Power breathing
Training session 5 – Promoting and sustaining a wellbeing culture – for senior leaders
Learning outcomes:

evaluate long-term objectives
assess whole-school and personal priorities
explore effective energy and time management
examine wellbeing sustainability.

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