Questioning for Challenge: Skilful use of questions to extend pupil learning

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ISBN: 9781907927539
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Mastering the art of asking questions for challenge is an essential teaching skill. Good questions get pupils really thinking, expand the boundaries of their knowledge and encourage them to ask their own questions, as well as providing an excellent means of differentiation. Maximising the impact of questioning on learning is a skill worth working at.

Use these training materials to get teachers thinking about how they use questions, how to incorporate questions into their planning and how to create a classroom environment where pupils feel comfortable to take risks with their learning.

This pack will enable teachers to:

identify the different roles questions play in learning
tease out pupils’ assumptions through careful questioning
master the art of planning questions which link with lesson objectives and success criteria
engage pupils in differentiated learning through use of appropriate questions
encourage an environment in which it is acceptable for everyone to question and to take risks with their learning
practise proven techniques, such as pose, pause, pounce, bounce.

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Pub Date 2014-02
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