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Reading our Landscapes is a secondary teaching geography resource that takes a geographical enquiry approach. It has a number of resources for teaching and learning landscapes and interpreting changing geographies, ideally suited for the KS3 geography curriculum and above.

This textbook enables you to:

Provide your students with a conceptual framework for interpreting landscapes
Provide practical resources to assist your students in achieving a deeper understanding of the world around them
Create a philosophical framework for the study of geography that focuses on processes and emphasises change
Encourage your students to think about thinking and be more self-reflective in order to develop higher-level thinking skills
Encourage your students to relate what they see around them to the ideas discussed in the book
Reinforce the dynamism and relevance of landscapes and of geography as a subject.
Summary of contents
Reading our Landscapes embodies the proposals in the new National Curriculum, with a specific focus on understanding place and space through an investigation of changing physical and human processes.

The activities within this resource provide a range of frameworks for geographical enquiry and out-of-class learning and a variety of resources for interpreting landscape and changing geographies.

Divided into 10 parts, each section incorporates case study material and ‘possible activities’ designed to support the themes being discussed.

Chapter breakdown
1. Describing landscapes
2. Changing landscapes
3. Landscapes of economic power and success
4. Industrial landscapes
5. Changing landscapes of transport
6. Landscapes of tourism and leisure
7. Institutional and public landscapes
8. Landscape management and change
9. Multi-dimensional landscapes
10. Landscapes of globalisation and standardisation
11. Conclusions
12. Appendices
13. Endnotes
14. References

Spiral bound, 297 x 235, 168 Pages, Published 2007

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