STEPs Level 2 2022/23 pack of 25

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STEPS Level Two
This workbook is aimed primarily at students in the second year of their secondary (post-primary) education.
This workbook could also be used with students who are in the third year of their secondary (post primary) education who made their decisions about post-13/14 options (including GCSE choices) early in preparation for an extended Key Stage 4 phase.

The STEPs series of workbooks and accompanying tutor notes have been the essential, tried, trusted and valued backbone of school careers programmes over many years.
STEPs is a series of individual student workbooks which take students through the stages of career planning from age 11, right through to planning post-18 options. The workbooks are progressive and are relevant to each year group. They cover a range of issues to help students to understand more about themselves, find out about careers and the world of work, and help them to plan for their future. Tutor Notes are also provided free of charge as a separate PDF, with accompanying PowerPoints for each age group.
In addition to the many and varied tasks and exercises, each workbook includes:
• An explanation for students of the learning outcomes for each task
• A short, clear statement showing the purpose of each task, and linking it to the national CDI Career Development Framework (April 2021)
• An exercise for each age group to give them the chance to review their learning as they complete the workbook. This exercise also incorporates the mapping of all the exercises in the workbook against the CDI Framework.
• A final exercise that encourages the student to look forward and consider the other inspiring activities that are a part of their school/college careers programme. This exercise is set within the context of the Gatsby Benchmarks for Good Career Guidance.
In addition to the workbooks, your Steps package includes:
• Comprehensive Tutor Notes for each title with suggested activities and ideas for related extension work.
• In response to feedback from Careers Leaders, each guide includes advice, and need-to-know information to enable anyone tasked with delivering careers lessons to be successful – whether they have been teaching the subject for a while, or are relatively inexperienced. Commentary on each activity explains definitions, and in some cases gives the model answers that can be expected from students.
• Two PowerPoints for each title – illustrating how The Tasks can be delivered via two formats, to suit scheduling requirements.
o Form Time Format: with shorter sessions delivering 1 Task each session (e.g., in registration tutorial). The first session incorporates a short introduction to the scheme of work / workbook, the final session includes an opportunity for students to share a simple evaluation of the scheme of work / workbook.
o Lesson Time Format: 6 x longer sessions delivering 2-3 Tasks together (e.g., in PSHE class).
NEW for 2022 - 2023
If your school or college is covered by the requirements of: Careers guidance and access for education and training providers: Statutory guidance for schools and guidance for further education colleges and sixth form colleges (July 2021), you may need to know how activities in the STEPs programme can support delivery of the Baker Clause. The Tutor Notes include a summary on how the exercises will help to prepare students in every year group to make the most of the opportunities provided by a range of education and training providers who can inform them about approved technical education qualifications and apprenticeships.
Last year’s editions included some big changes in response to the launch of the Career Development Institute’s (CDI) new, modern Career Development Framework. The Tasks in the STEPs workbooks are fully mapped to the new framework.
Facts, figures, and website links and recommendations in each workbook have been checked and refreshed.

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