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Safe School Visits is packed with resources, template and ready-to-use tools to help show you:

how to plan safe and enjoyable school visits
be confident in the knowledge that you have assessed all potential risk thoroughly
put measures in place to ensure a successful and memorable visit for your pupils.
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Safe School Visits will enable you to:

understand a five-step approach to risk assessment
know what you need to do by when
plan for all aspects of taking a party of pupils off the school premises
feel confident that you have minimised any risks to an acceptable level
enjoy your visit safe in the knowledge that all the planning means people are free to relax, learn and have fun.
Summary of contents
This guide will show you how to:

understand risk assessment and how you can manage risk
ensure appropriate safeguarding measures are in place
systematically plan your visit giving due consideration to all appropriate issues
feel confident that pupils and staff will have a safe and enjoyable visit.
This guide includes:

27 templates, proformas, checklists, policies and resources for you to adapt and use in your setting.
Chapter breakdown
Section 1: DfE Guidance
Understand the changes brought in by the slimmed down DfE guidance and why risk assessment and risk management should be central to your planning for school visits.

This section will equip you with:

essential understanding of why appropriate risk assessment and management should be central to your plans.
Section 2: Understanding Risk Assessment
An overview of the practical steps you need to take to assess risk.

This section will enable you to:

understand the key terms used in risk assessment
consider why you should not use generic risk assessment
know the five steps of risk assessment
tailor control measures to individual circumstances, thus reducing levels of risk
appreciate the importance of ‘dynamic risk assessment’.
Section 3: Step-by-Step Guide on How to Plan a School Visit
An overview of the steps you need to take in planning your visit to ensure everything runs smoothly when the time comes.

This section will enable you to:

consider the role of the school visits policy
be up to date with safeguarding and child protection guidance as applicable to school visits
consider issues such as parental consent, transport and visiting other people’s premises, insurance, managing overseas visits, as well as more specialist activities such as those involving water or animals
manage first aid and medical conditions.
Section 4: Useful Resources
A resource bank of 27 appendices, including an overview of the planning process, policies, risk assessment proformas, checklists, templates for gaining parental consent, templates for gaining information from venues, flowcharts showing emergency procedures.

This section will enable you to:

download and adapt the resources to your own circumstances.

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