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Secondary Assemblies for Community Cohesion is a collection of assemblies from the writers of the Secondary Assembly Collection. This resource of 40 ready-to-use assemblies has been written to support the promotion of community cohesion in secondary schools. The duty to promote community cohesion has been an important obligation for schools since September 2007, and schools have been inspected on their ability to provide evidence of the impact of their work in this area since September 2008.

The format of the assembly, where everyone is drawn together to focus and contemplate collectively, is a natural starting place for a thought-provoking and productive discussion on community cohesion. Order now!

Summary of contents
40 ready-to-use assemblies for promoting community cohesion
Community cohesion is about working towards a harmonious society where:

There is a common vision and sense of belonging by all communities.
The diversity of people’s backgrounds and circumstances is appreciated and valued.
Similar life opportunities are available to all.
Strong, positive relationships exist and continue to be developed in schools, the workplace and the wider community.
About the Assemblies
Each of the four themes has 10 assemblies, with the main focus being on:

The school community.
The local community.
Family life.
All four sections also encourage students to consider their responsibilities for the wider communities of the United Kingdom and the world.

Each assembly is followed up with questions and activities for students to reinforce understanding of the issues raised and develop them further, under the headings:

Something to think about.
Something to do.
This may provide suitable cross-curricular material or material for form tutorials or PSHE lessons.

Ready-to-use but fully adaptable
All assemblies are ready-to-use and include a PowerPoint presentation, but each can also be adapted for your own specific setting. Fully editable materials are provided on an accompanying CD-Rom for your convenience.

The 40 assemblies have been developed under four major themes:

These assemblies help students to consider their roles in the school and local community. They also draw attention to our sense of belonging to the UK and to the world at large and the responsibilities that this brings.

This set of assemblies encourages students to take seriously the importance of religion and beliefs. Each assembly encourages students to consider their own response to this important aspect of human life and how this impacts on the people around them.

Human Rights
This set of assemblies explores the importance of equal rights and the inclusion in communities of people with many different needs. Young people are encouraged to consider the nature of prejudice and how we can promote a way of living together without discrimination.

This set of assemblies explores the importance of developing positive relationships in any community. They look at ten different types of relationships in the lives of the students and allow them to reflect on the quality of these relationships.

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