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Provide staff and students with the skills and support systems to ensure their well-being
For some time now, it has become increasingly evident that the school environment plays a significant role in the shaping of young people's behaviour and emotional functioning. More recently, it has also been recognised that the school context is one in which therapeutic change can be fostered. This is where Self-Harm & Suicide can help you.

Self-Harm & Suicide will help professionals in education to understand and deal with the difficult issues behind self-harm and suicide among young people. A practical resource, it will help you to dispel stigmas attached to self-harm and suicide by openly discussing depression or mental health with teenagers at your school.

Self-Harm & Suicide offers:

background information on the theoretical reason for these forms of behaviour
valuable guidance on ways to identify those who may be at risk
practical ways to react to and prevent this ever increasing risk
the tools you need to enable you to help any of your pupils who may be dealing with this type of problem.

Summary of contents
This practical resource aims to address and dispel the many myths around self-harm and suicide. It will help ensure that young people and adults are aware of the risk factors and appropriate support systems available within their own communities.

This resource is aimed at professionals working with adolescents in both the school and community contexts. According to the Truth hurts – Report of the National Inquiry into Self-harm among Young People (2008) self-harm is now a major public health issue affecting at least 1 in 15 of our young people. It presents a major challenge to all those who work in services and organisations that work with young people.

This informative and challenging resource is presented in 5 parts as follows:

Part 1 - Understanding self-harm and suicide
Part 2 - Proactive interventions
Part 3 - Staff training and support for facilitators
Part 4 - Staff training: Working with groups of young people
Part 5 - The Programme
There are a wealth of attractive and easy to use resources including a format for developing a self-harm policy, information leaflets for parents and carers and students alongside a PowerPoint presentation and facilitator notes for introducing the topic and the students’ programme to staff.

The resource supports the whole school approach to mental health promotion and the development of supportive environments in which staff and students are encouraged to develop self-help skills and support systems to ensure their well-being. The 10 part student programme is accompanied by an audio diary and provides a safe framework in which students can develop preventative strategies and techniques alongside recognising the importance of peer support and appropriate access to therapeutic agencies.

This is a practical, sensitively constructed and timely resource.

Self-harm & Suicide: The Professional Development File is suitable for professionals working with adolescents in a range or educational, social and clinical contexts and the student programme is suitable for young people aged 13 – 18 years.

Chapter breakdown
Part One: Understanding Self-harm and Suicide
Rates of Self-harm
Why Self-harm?
Myths and Stereotypes
Suicide Rates and Responses
Risk Factors
Part Two: Proactive Interventions
Emotional Literacy
Definitions of Mental Health and Mental Health Promotion
Cultural Views
Limitations of Interventions
Client Identification for Small Group Work
Referring On – The Legal Position
Teaching Successful Distraction Techniques
Information Leaflets and Policy for Schools
Working with Other Colleagues
Part Three: Staff Training and Support for Facilitators
The Importance of Training and Supervision
The Long and Slow Process
Referrals to Specialist Agencies – What Happens Next?
Crisis Cards
Problem-solving Therapy
Dialectic Behaviour Therapy
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Family Therapy
Part Four: Staff Training – Working with Groups of Young People
Activity One
Activity Two
Activity Three
PowerPoint Presentation
Part Five: The Programme
Structure of the Programme
Structure of the Sessions
Session One: What do we Understand by Self-harm and Suicide?
Session Two: Focus on Stress
Session Three: The Ways in which we Self-harm
Session Four: Strategies Scenario
Session Five: Helping Friends who Self-harm
Session Six: Coping Skills
Session Seven: A Suicide Attempt
Session Eight: Self-harm and Suicide in the Media
Session Nine: Bereavement
Session Ten: Conclusion and Evaluation
Developing a Self-harm Policy
Self-harm Example Policy
Letter for Parents and Carers
Letter for Students
Information Leaflet

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