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Step Level 1 for ages 11-12 2021/22 (Pack of 50)

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STEPS Level One (previously called Step Up for ages 11-12)

This workbook is aimed at students who have recently transferred from primary school. Although the workbook has retained some of the tried and tested activities from previous years, many activities have been rewritten and expanded. In addition: new content asks students to:
• consider if, how, and why their idea of a dream career may have changed since they were small children
• consider their achievements both in and out of school, as well as why it is important to show evidence
• consider what makes a successful career by ranking career roles using the criteria; value to society, paid the most money, enjoy their job the most
• learn about some simple labour market information concepts
• see the possibilities in working in STEM-related careers
• revise the new words and definitions that they have encountered in the workbook

The STEPS Series
STEPs is a series of individual student workbooks which take students through the stages of career planning from age 11, right through to planning post-18 options. The workbooks are progressive and are relevant to each year group. They cover a range of issues to help students to understand more about themselves, find out about careers and the world of work, and help them to plan for their future. Tutor Notes are also provided free of charge as a separate PDF, with accompanying PowerPoints for each age group. The Careers Leader’s Guide is a comprehensive FREE resource that maps the contents of all six Steps workbooks to the CDI Framework and Gatsby Benchmarks.

In addition to the many and varied tasks and exercises, each workbook includes:
• An explanation for students of the learning outcomes for each task
• A short, clear statement showing the purpose of each task, and linking it to the national CDI Career Development Framework (April 2021)
• An exercise for each age group to give them the chance to review their learning as they complete the workbook. This exercise also incorporates the mapping of all the exercises in the workbook against the CDI Framework.
• A final exercise that encourages the student to look forward and consider the other inspiring activities that are a part of their school/college careers programme. This exercise is set within the context of the Gatsby Benchmarks for Good Career Guidance.

NEW for 2021-2022

The 2021-2022 editions have been renamed as Steps Level One, Two, Three, Four, Five and Six. This change reflects feedback from the learning community that pointed to a need for a flexible series of workbooks that was not so closely tied to specific age ranges.
The 2021-2022 editions include some big changes from previous years. In April 2021, the Career Development Institute (CDI) launched a new, modern Career Development Framework. The Tasks in the STEPs workbooks have been fully mapped to the new framework. The 2021-2022 versions of the workbooks also include many new activities and updates that reflect more of the learning objectives and outcomes of the new Framework. Facts, figures, and website links and recommendations in each workbook have been checked and refreshed.

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