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Colin Sutherland, Margaret Sutherland
Phase: Secondary

Strategies for Changing Behaviour is designed to help you, as an adult who works with children and young people with behavioural problems, to unlock this damaging cycle. The book offers practical, worksheet-based techniques that give you a step-by-step guide to dealing with the underlying issues that cause behavioural problems. Working through them with young people will enable you to tackle their negative attitudes and improve their behaviour.

The book is specifically designed to help you to:
build a relationship with the children and young people you work with, despite their behavioural problems and issues
understand different approaches to people and their problems and help you to personalise the work that you do with them
find solutions to particular problems easily so that you can start tackling difficulties early on
manage and record the progress that you have made with each individual case
develop a deeper understanding of children and young people with behavioural problems.
Summary of contents
Save time with the easy-to-use reference tool
The book is divided into nine parts, with each section detailing a particular approach. A simple reference tool allows you to identify a specific problem that you are dealing with and select the appropriate technique to address the situation.

Train other members of staff to use the techniques – PowerPoint presentation included
We recognise that a lot of the ideas and techniques can and should be used for in-service training, so to make this process easier we’ve added a PowerPoint presentation on an accompanying CD-ROM. Using this, you can take other staff members through the techniques step-by-step so that they can employ them whenever necessary.

Unlike the other units in this book, it is not worksheet based. It aims to guide the user through a process. Use it to:

avoid conflict
make clear the various options available in a given situation
explain the possible consequences of various courses of action
show that you understand that ultimately people make their own choices.
Print: Loose-leaf, 306 x 255, 140 Pages, Published 31/05/2008

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