Successful Middle Leadership: An introduction to essential skills and responsibilities

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ISBN: 9781907927461
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This practical course will enable middle leaders to adopt a range of leadership styles to meet various challenges, with resources and techniques that coach them through the process of motivating and stretching colleagues, challenging and managing conflict, leading change successfully, and making judgements about performance that impact on pay.

Successful Middle Leadership will boost confidence, rehearse skills and enable your new and aspiring middle leaders to:

understand the roles and relationships within their team and establish reasonable expectations
employ a range of leadership styles appropriate to different situations
improve performance using coaching techniques that allow them to challenge staff while maintaining a supportive and creative relationship
make informed judgements about performance which will impact on colleagues’ pay
run productive meetings with strong chairmanship and a facilitation approach
develop strategies to lead change effectively, using consultation techniques to win ‘buy in’ and ownership
understand key principles of conflict management and their role in formal procedures
foster inspirational leadership skills of professional reflection, negotiating ambitious goals and targets, innovation and risk taking and honest evaluation.

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Pub Date 2013-11
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