Supporting Pupils with ADHD: Whole-school training materials and resources for Sencos

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Supporting Pupils with ADHD will enable you to support your staff to:

understand what it means for a pupil to be diagnosed with ADHD and how this might impact on the family
know how to devise individual programmes of support
consider strategies to manage inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity
work with colleagues from other agencies and understand their role in providing support
recognise that pupils with ADHD often have other co-associated conditions and understand how this would make a difference to what strategies will be most effective for that pupil
plan for transition.
Summary of contents
Session 1: An Introduction to ADHD
Aims and objectives:

to understand how the diagnosis of ADHD has developed
to introduce the background to the development of ADHD.
Session 2: Labelling
Aims and objectives:

to understand how the strategies we employ for all children fits in with the whole-school behaviour policy
to see how strategies alter when a child has a specific difficulty
to begin to explore how these would have to alter for a child with ADHD.
Session 3: Strategies to support pupils
Aims and objectives:

to contextualise ideas from the last session with the suggestions in the factsheets.
to understand the difference between ADHD and ADD
to be able to respond to some ‘quick-fire’ problems.
Session 4: Working with outside agencies
Aims and objectives:

to understand the role and point at which external support/advisory staff would become involved
to have an understanding of what these staff would have expected school staff to have done before they come in
to understand the nature and purpose of a multi-professional’s meeting.
Session 5: The ADHD diagnosis route
Aims and objectives:

to understand the impact a referral for diagnosis can have on a family
to understand the different potential diagnosis routes and the implications of them all
to understand your role in the diagnosis
to begin to understand the role of the class teacher post-diagnosis.
Session 6: Post-diagnosis support
Aims and objectives:

to understand the range of organisations and information available on the internet
to understand the support a family may and may not expect post-diagnosis
to know the way in which ADHD is classified as a disability and what this can mean for a family.
Session 7: Co-morbidity/co-associated conditions
Aims and objectives:

to have knowledge of the wide range of co-morbid or co-associated conditions that are often prevalent with ADHD
to understand how the approaches we take for each child with ADHD will subtly alter with the co-morbidity.
Session 8: Monitoring medication
Aims and objectives:

to have awareness of the range of medication available to children with ADHD
to begin to understand the role of the class teacher post-diagnosis with the monitoring of medication.
Session 9: Longer-term support
Aims and objectives:

to understand of the importance of long-term behavioural support for a child with ADHD
an understanding of the positive aspects of ADHD and how a child can be supported in finding the positive aspects of the condition.
Session 10: Transition
Aims and objectives:

to understand the importance of a smooth transition from primary to secondary school, secondary school to tertiary education, sixth form to university
to have a range of approaches and strategies in place for when a pupil transfers to a new educational environment.
Session 11: The ADHD-friendly school
Aims and objectives:

to know what we already have in place in our school that makes it ‘ADHD friendly’
to understand the importance of creating the right ethos in the school to support children with ADHD and what this looks like practically.
Session 12: Summary and outcomes from the course
Aims and objectives:

to be able to put in place a range of strategies for a child in a case study
to understand the full arc of the course and be able to target set for three months in the future.

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